Product Liability

The attorneys at Chen Horwitz & Franklin have litigated product cases for more than 30 years and product liability law is one of the Firm's core practice areas. Manufacturers, who work hard to develop and market safe products, face high stakes when product liability claims are asserted, and the Firm stands ready to guide manufacturers through the complexities of product liability litigation. The Firm aggressively defends product defect claims, protecting both the client’s product and its business reputation. The Firm's policy is to work closely with the client’s in-house counsel, product designers, engineers and other scientific personnel to develop sound defenses that take maximum advantage of the client’s research, development, product and industry knowledge. The Firm also has a vast network of highly qualified consultants and experts available to provide independent technical and scientific support and analysis.

The Firm’s expertise in the product liability field extends well beyond defending product defect matters. The Firm works with clients to help reduce and prevent product liability claims. The Firm’s services in that regard, include, consulting on quality control, document retention, information gathering, preservation of evidence, and accident investigation objectives and techniques. The Firm also assists in drafting and evaluating product instructions, manuals, warnings, warranty documents and other product related literature.