Professional Liability

Lawsuits against professionals are being filed with greater frequency. Virtually all professionals are being tested against “standards of care” that are constantly changing as a result of expanding theories of liability and the creation of new duties that extend to persons and entities that are only remotely associated with the professional. Chen Horwitz & Franklin represents professionals in a wide range of fields, including architects, engineers, environmental professionals, insurance agents and brokers, officers and directors. They also provide counsel to real estate agents and brokers, appraisers, and escrow agents to assist in navigating lessons learned after the 2008 economic collapse, and represent them in real estate related litigation.

Chen Horwitz & Franklin works closely with professional clients and their insurance carriers to fully evaluate claims and develop the best possible defense strategy. This approach allows the Firm to aggressively defend professional liability matters in a manner that best protects the interests of the client.