Chen Horwitz & Franklin handles a wide variety of transportation matters related to automobiles, private and public passenger carriers, commercial trucking operations, cargo and warehouse facilities, and roads and highways. The Firm's attorneys have represented a broad spectrum of clients, including interstate and intrastate trucking companies, owner-operators, sub-haulers, freight forwarders, brokers, shippers, and consignees, private and public bus companies, livery and taxi companies, vehicle component manufacturers, maintenance providers, automobile dealerships, road-highway design and construction companies, as well as domestic and foreign insurers involved in the transportation sector.

The Firm's attorneys have handled and tried numerous cases involving significant personal injury, including traumatic brain injury and property damage claims, which present factual and legal issues unique to the transportation industry. Cases have involved driver performance, visibility and road conditions, freeway construction and maintenance, road design, regulatory compliance and violations, vehicle equipment and safety technology, mechanical and maintenance defects, hiring, training, supervision and safety practices, hauler and sub-hauler relations, lemon law matters, warehouse logistics and accidents, road design and related construction defects, indemnity agreements, coverage, and subrogation matters.